The Professional Christian therapist is a Christian servant; a personally devoted, deeply committed, spirit-guided, servant of Christ. They apply their God-given abilities, skills, training, knowledge, and insights – out front and behind the scenes, so to speak. Professional Christian therapists help others move toward wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability, and spiritual maturity.

The difference we have made on this locater website, in the “professional Christian therapist” and the “professional therapist who is a practicing Christian” is that one holds themselves out to the community as a Christian therapist and the other has chosen not to do so. Nevertheless, professional Christian therapists have a variety of educational credentials and certifications. They also hold a variety of degrees in the behavioral sciences, psychology, and the like. It is wise to choose a Professional Christian therapist who has earned a graduate degree (Masters Degree or PhD) and has a professional license from the state in which they reside or a certification from a highly recognized counseling association.

Professional Christian therapists have fees. They are some of the most educated among the professional community and deserve to be compensated for their services. The fees vary however. Some have a flat fees per session, others charge a fee for a series of sessions, and some have a sliding scale according to income. Most Christian counselors/therapists do everything they can to make it work for their clients because they have a real concern for those who seek their help.